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CargoMaster A350 electric stair climbing barrow



Transporting heavy loads up stairs is one of the most difficult transport situations. Most of the time, you need to be in pairs and get properly stuck in. If backs and joints are excessively strained, which can lead to accidents – the CargoMaster protects your back and your wallet.


The CargoMaster can transport virtually all heavy goods up stairs quickly, reliably and in a straightforward fashion with virtually no effort. What’s more, one person is normally enough to operate it. The A350 is particularly suitable for transporting wide, high and extremely heavy goods. In these types of situations, safety and stability are top priorities.
The A350 is our special unit for heavy loads. It transports up to 350 kg, so it's ideal for boilers, copiers, beverage vending machines, slot machines, ovens etc.

Engineered in Germany


Expertise for your health

Transporting heavy loads up stairs is one of the most difficult transport situations. Often, it requires two or three people to get properly stuck in. You can also benefit from our more than 30 years of expertise in stair climbing. The CargoMaster stair climbing unit protects your back and minimises the risk of accidents.

Safety & quality in focus

AAT is the only manufacturer that offers “max. safety” as standard! All models are fitted with our patented step braking system. But there's a small crucial difference – trust the original “Engineered in Germany”.

Profitable & cost-effective

The CargoMaster doesn't get back pain and will become your most reliable partner for stair transport jobs that you simply cannot do without. You can even negotiate spiral staircases or loads up to 400 kg effortlessly. Stair climbing barrows from AAT – A safe investment for your health and your wallet.

Simple & straightforward

Our electric stair climbing barrows can be quickly and easily retrofitted, often without any tools, due to our extensive range of accessories. You can handle very special requirements on a day-to-day basis! CargoMaster – The stair climbers by professionals, for professionals.

Efficient & professional

When you use our CargoMaster electric stair climbing barrows, often only one person is needed to transport even very heavy loads quickly and safely up stairs. Our stair climbing units can also deal with your transport issues. Work efficiently and professionally with our stair climbers.

The all-rounder for professionals

We offer the most appropriate stair climber for a wide-range of sectors – whether it's for trade, industry or wholesale. Get in touch and find out how you can use the expertise of the no. 1 for “transporting loads up stairs”.

CargoMaster A350

No need to worry about difficult trips

The A350 also has a single step mode as standard that can be engaged on demand for tricky situations. Continuous speed adjustment assists with personalising the CargoMaster. The all-rubber pneumatic tyres make the CargoMaster puncture-proof – even when the wheels are subject to continuous use.

The powerful electric drive is supplied by battery that can be easily removed, which is in a class of its own in terms of range.

A350’s height adjustable handles shovel allow it be adjusted to body size and the respective transport situation.

Very high cargo can also be transported as a result. You can also use the CargoMaster as a hand truck on a level surface.

With its fully retractable handles and shovel, the A350 has a packed size of 1187 x 595 x 516 mm, so it even fits in smaller goods vehicles.

The A350 electric stair climbing barrow in action

The most important data at a glance

Lifting capacity
350 kg
Climbing speed (steps/minute)
Capacity of one battery charge (floors/steps)
ca.18 / ca.270 bis ca.57 / ca. 855
Own weight with batteries
50,4 kg
Height in mm
Width in mm
Depth in mm

Worldwide delivery

Its site in Germany is an essential part of AAT’s company philosophy. The central theme of helping people is always a core focus when we develop new products.

Trust the original with over 35 years experience!


  • Safe transport for loads up to 350 kg
  • Height-adjustable shovel and handles for accurate centre of gravity adjustment
  • Range of over 330 steps on one battery charge at full load
  • Climbing speed infinitely adjustable


Recommended for the following sectors:

Heating contractors

Oven contractors

Vending machines

Control cabinet manufacture

Slot machines



The CargoMaster A350 is also suitable for a multitude of other sectors. We will be happy to advise you!